Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The original theatrical cut is perhaps the greatest film of all time. That's saying quite something given the majority of films about composers were as about as stuff as films get. It managed to modernize the tale, while not relying on any cheap trick to do so. Everything works on all cylinders. The production design, the costumes, the cinematography are all impeccable. The acting is outstanding housing the greatest leading turn ever given, if you ask me. What's so marvelous is how brilliantly it masters its tone. The creative process has never felt more vivid or beautiful. The use of Mozart's music is absolutely masterful, creating what is the greatest film score of all time, as every moment is so perfectly chosen it is astonishing. It is not a film with just one great scene. Every scene is great. It is a genuinely hilarious film, but equally heartbreaking. It never falters in this regard making such a great expression of life, while being a harrowing examination of the loss of it. You won't find a better film, and as for the director's cut, that was unnecessary because as Mozart said in the film you can't improve on something that's already perfect. 

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