Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gentleman's Agreement

Gentleman's Agreement is terrible example, and basically hits the check marks for just how bad a message movie can be. It could not be more self-righteous in its stance as a great deal of the movie's run time is devoted to Gregory Peck giving people indignant looks after they are anti-Semitic. The film itself plays that so thickly that it comes off ridiculous. It even breaks the idea of the whole Gentleman's Agreement, a hidden antisemitism, since they are so clearly so on the surface to begin with. The dialogue is outright atrocious at times as it basically preaches at you, or goes over the basics of the problem in a spoon fed fashion. Then of course there's the love story between two leads with no chemistry, which is horribly juxtaposed with the main plot in a way that falls flat on its face. The film does nothing for its message, because it is nothing as a film. 

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