Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Night Moves

Night Moves is a neo-noir that purposefully seems to wish to subvert expectations of the normal noir genre. It's lead Harry seems like a tough guy private eye, well played by Gene Hackman, but really has no idea what to do with his wife's infidelity as well as really has very little control over his situation. The plot's moves along but in an odd way. The kidnapped girl is instantly found for example. As standard the body count piles up yet there is a strange lack of urgency to the proceedings as the film leaves you in a position like Harry, where you do kind of know what's going on yet can't quite what to make of any of it. The plot matters, yet it doesn't in the way is prods along in a most peculiar fashion leaving you only really being able to hold on to the character of Harry. I won't say that it clearly works or it clearly does not either. The whole thing holds a certain fascination, yet it is not consistently compelling in this atypical approach either.

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