Friday, February 26, 2016


Spellbound is basically a typical run man on the run Hitchcock thriller, but rather than unearthing some vast conspiracy the wrong man is just trying to find what's wrong with him psychologically speaking. Gregory Peck is the wrong man and is downright terrible. Ingrid Bergman to her credit does her best to try to make up for things as his running partner. The film lacks any sort of memorable sequence you'd expect from Hitchcock, even the Salvador Dali dream sequence is misused since we don't experience as a dream. Too much of the film are base conversations centered around Freud's theories. It's extremely messy as it fails to intertwine this well at all with the thriller element. It's a very messy film because of that. It's not terrible thanks to Bergman, a scene stealing Michael Chekov and the fact that Hitchcock can still make some memorable images out of some lame material.

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