Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Crying Game

The Crying Game I think is a film that actually was technically a bit mistreated by the way it was originally touted solely around the twist. The reason being it's not really a thriller, yes there are elements of one, but the twist isn't really suppose to be this "No Way!" moment. The twist is a very important part of the story, but of the film it work much more in an emotional rather than plot sort of fashion. I just have always found the way the film has been built up a little strange. The film really is a character study of this man who happens to get involved with violent people but is a decent man at heart. The examination of the man discovering this about himself is definitely quite interesting, and now I'm starting to feel that I've never given the film enough credit. It works definitely as an emotional story of self-discovery as well as an examination of a shifting perspective. 

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