Friday, February 26, 2016

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship Of The Ring being the first evidently deserves the most credit in bringing the fantasy of Lord of the Rings to life. In terms of its visual realization of the world the film cannot be faulted through its brilliant use of locations, sets, props and costumes you really do feel this a completely new yet lived in world. The technical achievements continue with its beautiful, now iconic I'd say, as well as the often stunning visual effects, some quite marvelous in terms of their practical forced perspective in order to create the various sizes of the characters. The storytelling also deserved such credit particularly that opening sequence which gets so much exposition out of the way in a wholly compelling fashion. The characters are well acted and drawn with many of them finding their development within the forward momentum the story. I always feel special mention particularly goes to Sean Bean's Boromir who I think ends up feeling far more complex than he was in the novel. The action set pieces are each fantastic yet it never loses the emotions behind any of it. I would not say this is a flawless film, the fact that Merry is just comic relief #2 always bugged me bit, but nevertheless it's a great cinematic achievement.

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