Friday, February 26, 2016

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Everything which was worth mentioning in praise of Fellowship can once again be noted. This though features the addition of Gollum of course, which is a remarkable achievement in not only making it a believable effect but also making such a character work as well as he does. Nothing falters in its sequel as each of the old characters continue their development well while the additional character of Gollum, and the underrated Kind Théoden, add nicely to the story. The story still moves along so well, and the Helms Deep centerpiece is fantastic sequence to be sure. As with all the films I am not without a few qualms here mainly in the character of Faramir who feels a bit too much like a repetitive roadblock for Frodo and Sam (which was not the case in the novel). Once again though the sheer strength of the good completely outweighs the, well not really bad just not great. Again a great film that brings such substance and power to its fantastical story.

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