Friday, February 12, 2016

Titanic (1997)

Titanic the film made a purposeful old fashioned romance film by James Cameron, to the point that he basically forced Leonardo DiCaprio be as straight forward as possible in playing a guy who's just so dreamy. Now I take exception with the defense that is often given to the film in that its attempting to be the old fashioned romance film. Now I will give it this Winslet and DiCaprio have the chemistry, but as some one who has watched romance films from the 30's, 40's and 50's, they were not so stinking corny, the good ones anyways. The villains of those films also, if they existed, were not as ridiculous and over the top as what Billy Zane does this his performance. The film is made melodramatic to the max, in a way that was not the case for the films of the past. Now the rest of the film is sprinkled with some very thin caricatures and the scenes are about as one the nose one can imagine. The stuffy stuffed rich people are all pompous at the dinner people, while the poor are free wheeling and having a great time on the bottom decks. The film does have some spectacle in the disaster sequences, but I'll admit disaster has never been my favorite genre. Everything is played up to the max with the overbearing score, THAT song, some downright absurd dialogue, you really before I started out these thoughts I thought my feelings towards the film had cooled a bit, well I guess I was wrong.

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TParker said...

Not much to remember about the film, except for Rose's action sequence inside the sinking Titanic. I admire what a strong and awesome character she is.