Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 2

Now the challenge after season 1 comes in terms of making a cohesive whole at of many lingering threads that sprout up. There's not too much reason to mention the technical elements as they remain unchanged, and always impressive except the notable extra of actually depicting a grand battle which is rather remarkable. This season can also be noted as successful in keeping every thread alive while keeping all of them appropriately connected to another, well almost all of them. It's best to look at story by story. Jon Snow and the Night's Watch journey beyond the wall I always find engaging, and I love that throughout the show you see the maturation of Jon, partially through Kit Harington apparently becoming a better actor each season. There's excellence to be had in the King's Landing story centering around Tyrion's try as Hand of the King as again the show even in the grand scope of battles, always keeps the personal relationships pivotal. My favorite thread though is Theon Greyjoy's betrayal of Robb Stark, that ends up being surprisingly moving tale of a man losing himself. Robb Stark's own story I suppose is mostly a standard romance but it works. Arya Stark own story is particularly good as she runs upon a peculiar assassin, Tywin Lannister, and begins a certain descent towards a darker path. There is also the introduction of Stannis who is apparently such an inherently great character he still is compelling despite the show runners apparent hatred towards him, and his steadfast righthand man Ser Davos who is one of the most likable characters in the series. The weak link is Daenerys Targaryen, whose story worked in the first season, as she not only seems detached from everyone else, but her story is pretty weak amplified by Emilia Clarke's performance which lacks the needed charisma for the character. Even that is not terrible though, and the season is still stellar.

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