Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 5

Now the show was never perfect but it did not matter as it was so compelling that any imperfections could easily be ignored. Well this season refusing to allow one to ignore anything. Now it should be noted that no story line is completely terrible. There are good elements to found no matter what, as again the technical skill is still there, as is the acting well for the most part. Well again story by story is best. Jon Snow's continued maturation combined with trying to fulfill his duties is pretty outstanding with quite the high point in the battle of Hardhome. That high point is actually one of the high points of the series as a whole. There also Arya's story line which is not the most dynamic, as she deals with the bureaucracy of faceless men, but at least it seems to working towards something interesting. The King's Landing elements focusing on Cersei this which is strong especially thanks to the addition of Jonathan Pryce. Unfortunately then there's the rest. Tyrion basically feels like he's between story lines, though there are good moments to be found there still. Daenerys Targaryen's story line still has questionable elements as usual, but some strong ones in there as well. The Boltons and Sansa goes almost off the rails, despite some strong moments in there particularly due to Alfie Allen once again. Ramsay Bolton becomes too omnipotent of a villain and they decide to send Sansa's character development right back. With Stannis we get some downright amazing build up, thanks to Stephen Dillane being MVP of the Season, but then it all falls apart and is wasted in a messy apparent rush to get rid of the character that the show runners have always hated. Then there is Dorne, oh my. Alright actually buddy cop duo of Bronn and Jaime has some enjoyment to be had and Prince Doran as played by Alexander Siddig is pretty awesome. Then there are the Sand Snakes. They have some of the worst acting one will ever see in the series and there whole concept is extremely questionable. They are one element of the season which is downright bad. Now considering all the story lines together this time the series does many things wrong. Deaths are common in the series, but here they stop potential where pretty much all previous deaths created it. The story lines are this time disjointed. Some important characters are sidelined like Little Finger, and Brienne, and everything feels rushed. This is the one season that does not stand on its own at all leaving too many extreme cliffhangers for its own good. It's a season rife with problems. I'll admit though it is still very watchable. This is because there is still greatness and plenty of goodness in there.

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