Friday, March 4, 2016

Get Carter

Get Carter is very interesting film in the way it seems to pull you in with the promise of a glamorization of both the life of a criminal and revenge. It technically ends up delivering on neither of these promises yet that is what makes the film so effective. It gives the glimpse of why Carter is Carter. He is indeed a cool crook with Michael Caine giving perhaps one of his best performances. However these elements only hide the real seedy nature of the life that is bluntly realized by the victims of it. One victim forcing Carter is forced to see directly in a brilliant scene that relies on Caine's performance. The revenge though itself is not pretty as Carter ends up taking essentially no prisoners and there is a cold callousness as no one is allowed to escape his wrath which is painfully emotional. It's a terrific film as it coldly subverts the whole vision one might take of the film before watching it.

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