Wednesday, March 30, 2016

John Adams

John Adams takes upon the life the second president of the United States of America, and he is certainly a most interesting figure to examine to start with. He's the man among greatness yet never seems to be the one considered great from being instrumental in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, yet did not write it himself, being the president yet being the first one term president. It's an excellent series as it examines the man in detail from his political and personal successes and failures throughout his life. It does a terrific job at keeping it at a rather intimate level yet still making the grander achievements of the story still readily apparent. It's notable as it keeps the historical inaccuracies to the minimum, and captures both what made John Adams a great but still flawed individual. Each episode deserves special mention since each one is paced in a way to be really film of that given segment of Adams's life. The performances are uniformly strong, and unlike Tom Hopper's later cinematic work it actually is visually compelling.


Giuseppe Fadda said...

I haven't seen this yet but I will eventually. I'm not really a Hooper fan though, I liked Les Misérables but I didn't care for The King's Speech and I downright hated The Danish Girl.

Louis Morgan said...

This is by and far the best thing he's ever done.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: If I were to rank his work, it would be:
1. John Adams
2. Longford
3. Elizabeth I
4. The Damned United
5. Les Miserables
6. The King's Speech
7. The Danish Girl

His TV Output is far superior.