Friday, March 11, 2016


Mulan again is animated well as one would expect, but this is one where I think it works well in a single aspect of the film though is lacking in almost all other areas. Mulan and her time posing as man in the army camp is all great. The interactions between her and the men do work well. This is another one with a direct comic relief in Eddie Murphy's dragon, but I say he works in the part. They also decide though to give him his own comic relief the cricket, and in fact the horse, who he frequently interacts with is also comic relief. Now outside of it though the actually conflict feels oddly poorly drawn, not literally, with the occasionally cut away to a one note villain, and also Mulan's original motivation, to protect her father, seems oddly muted since her relationship with her family seems strangely meaningless by the end of the film. The musical side on this one seems particularly limited with only one memorable song, though that song is very memorable. Strange for a Disney film is that it works best in terms of its action, and the dynamic in the army. The elements outside of that are not exactly stunning, but the good parts certainly are good enough.

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