Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Ah Pinocchio, what's not to love about this film? I love everything about I don't mind admitting. The animation is just beautiful, and I miss so much the days of the truly glorious painted background like you see in this film. It's just marvelous to look at with the highlight on that front having to be Monstro in all his glory. The story itself is of course straight forward as a puppet tries to learn what is to be a real boy, but hey that's more than enough. What I love is it hardly a sugar coated journey to be found as old Pinocchio has to avoid drinking, cigars, corrupt circus performers, and naturally child slavers before dealing with a man eating whale. It's not a simple fun adventure that some of that is to be had. It's gets dark and effectively so, which makes the more expected lighthearted Disney moments truly earned by the end. It's creates a rather grim world with some very terrifying aspects which make that warm ending we find something special.


Giuseppe Fadda said...

I absolutely agree! It's really quite wonderful and as you said the darker moments make the lighter ones even more heartwarming.

Calvin Law said...

My favourite Disney film by far.