Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Sorcerer is the remake of Wages Of Fear, telling the same story about four desperate men taking on an extremely dangerous job of driving trucks filled with volatile explosives through dangerous terrain. Technically is suffers a somewhat similair problem as Wages in that the early build up is just a bit slow, and I would say in compared to Wages, despite perhaps more time being given to each individually, the chemistry between all of them is not as strong. There is still enough emotional investment to be found in each though to carry us through the journey, which like Wages is extremely effective. This remake makes use of color, and just a large scope to give an almost equally engaging portrayal of the very intense roadtrip of the four men. I'd say Wages is the superior film, but this one is also a very strong effort, though I think I probably prefer this film's ending a bit more.

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