Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Boys From Brazil

The Boys From Brazil tells the story about Dr. Mengele attempting to resurrect Hitler through a series of clones, but only one Nazi Hunter can stop him. The film in itself is hard not to marvel at as it embraces a definite ridiculousness while still doing it with a straight face. This is perhaps most shown through Gregory Peck's absurd yet very entertaining portrayal as the bad doctor, as well as the overbearing score, and just the extreme nature of the violence depicted. However it does sling shot partially due to the more humble performances, which do bring quite a bit of gravitas, given by James Mason and Laurence Olivier, but then again even Olivier must get in on the madness when he gets into a literal fistfight with Peck which is quite something to behold. Does this make for a great film, I would not say so, but an enjoyable pulpy thriller I would say so.

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