Friday, March 4, 2016

There Will Be Blood

Ah the film that will eternally baffle me. Not in terms of its themes or its meaning but rather exactly how much I like it. In some viewings I will love the whole things from beginning to end, despite the seemingly purposefully polarizing nature of that ending. However in others I will have those moment were indeed seems as though Anderson allows the film to become indulgent in order just for there to be a scene of some Daniel Plainview madness which is not bad, nothing around Day-Lewis's performance can really be considered bad. Day-Lewis's performance is masterful in the creation of this self-proclaimed Oil man and his story is a fascinating one to be sure. The vision is without a doubt awe-inspiring more often than not. Another film where the technical aspects are impeccable and the score is mesmerizing. The film is perhaps a masterpiece I will view it as one now, I may not some other time, but now I will say that it is.

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Alex Marqués said...

I think that's the right rating Louis, I hope you keep that view of the film.