Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is a film that I've seen somewhat derided when compared to other Disney fare of both the past and the present. When the film was made there was apparently the feeling that there were too many directors on the project which made for an inconsistent film. Well I will agree not every segment is equal, I actually think that is needed for the adaptation of the source material. The last thing Alice should have is purpose. It should be madness and that is what you get here, there is no lesson to be had and no real character arc for Alice. There shouldn't be though as that again would be at odds with the story. This might not have worked all that well but is helped along by Kathryn Beaumont's excellent voice work as Alice. The one criticism I can agree with is the songs are not especially memorable. Plenty of the sequences are though particularly the mad tea party, the entirety of the red queen, the White Rabbit House, The Walrus and the Carpenter, some less so, like the whole segment with the flowers, but there is far more great than just sort of okay which is the worst it gets. It's an adaptation that fits the material, its messy to be sure, just like it should be.

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