Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Secret of Nimh

The Secret Of Nimh is unfortunately an underrated animated film, too often forgotten perhaps due to not being Disney as well as perhaps due to director Don Bluth's later efforts which were not exactly stellar. It's my favorite animated film of all time though as I love every single second of the film. It's astonishing to look at so many of sequences as such fine detail is given to every frame, while the animation always feels fluid and natural. It's grand yet subtle in the best way. The film itself goes past just looking great with a wonderful score, and a great song by Paul Williams. The film would be nothign though if the story did not work. I love the sense of mystery, fitting to the film's tittle, created by this society of oddly intelligent rats. The film is directed brilliantly by Bluth even past the beauty of the animation as there is such palatable atmosphere in the film, as well as even a certain dread as there are so many great dark moments in there. It of course has a heart and that is found with the lead character of Mrs. Brisby perfectly brought to life by Elizabeth Hartman's voice. I love the character in that it always shows her to be shy by nature, but her conviction to save her family is what allows her to be so brave. The heartfelt moments truly work and every one of them is wholly earned. It's a masterpiece, if you ask me.

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