Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Batman Begins

Batman Begins really only had to be okay to improve on its predecessor Batman & Robin. It was more than okay in its setup for the beginning of a new life for the character, cinematically speaking, by treating the material seriously. The film sought to make Batman a real person and in that cause it succeeded. It stands as the first Batman film, of the live action variety, that actually cared about the central character and not just the villains. The villains are actually the side show in this case, though a very memorable side show in Cillian Murphy Scarecrow. The villains though are only there to facilitate the story of the Batman which is incredibly well told by providing real motivation to the character, and even given real power to the very idea of what something like Batman means. Now does this film have Katie Holmes? Yes. Is it as thrilling as its sequel? No. Is it thrilling though? Yes. It sets up a believable world for the character giving him life, giving life to those around him, particularly in the case of Jim Gordon who was so wasted in all previous cinematic efforts. The film succeeds in making Batman begin again, no longer as a rubber joke, but instead as someone you can actually understand and even relate to.

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