Thursday, May 5, 2016


Inception curiously is the one film by Christopher Nolan that I haven't really re-watched. Not that I dislike the film, I just have never been quite compelled to do it, so I must base this only on the initial viewing. On that this is one of Nolan's most visually arresting films. The utilization of the dream idea with the action is usually very memorable, particularly in a hall way fight sequence. Again as with all of Nolan's film it is never concepts alone and there is something personal beneath it all. Here we have Leonardo DiCaprio's Cobb as he deals with his wife's death, which is constantly reminded of by her showing up in his dreams, which is well handled though I would not say as well in say The Prestige or Memento. I also have to admit the more affecting intimate story comes from Cillian Murphy's subplot. The film works best as spectacle, though one can ask why there is not more fantasy in these dreams, they still are pretty arresting nonetheless. The film also does work as a heist, though it would not have hurt to have a little bit more comedy, with most the characters being defined by their duty in the heist leaving it mostly to the actors to make their characters stand out, with Tom Hardy succeeding the most in that regard. It's an engaging film, not perfect, but certainly never dull.

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