Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Insomnia is almost the forgotten Nolan film it seems, though that may in part be due to it being a remake, however it seems fitting in his filmography given its focus on the supernatural in the natural this one being the midnight sun due to its setting in Alaska. Now I don't think the film is perfect basically in that I don't think it's especially compelling outside the central two characters. The mystery itself is wrapped up easily, with the minor characters being pretty one dimensional, what's interesting is the examination of two men dealing with their own actions. On the side of the detective Dormer I do believe Nolan slightly overplays his own hand in visualizing the guilt, given he has a devoted Al Pacino to do it. The high point though easily is Robin Williams who creates such a disturbing portrait of a man who is so off putting because he seems so sympathetic in his ability to seemingly explain his unforgivable actions. His performance and the character of Walter Finch are both fascinating. The film as a whole, less so.

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