Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Return Of The Jedi is the final entry in the trilogy, and the question is does it go out with a whimper or a bang? Well kind of both. On the whimper side of things there are many things. The cast is not as uniformly as strong with Harrison Ford kind of phoning it in a bit this time, though he's not helped by how much of a wimp that make Solo in this film, and Carrie Fisher also once again having some awkward moments in there like she did in the first. The main target being the Death Star seems very lazy, though that battle is more than decent. Some of the special effects though are far more dated than the previous films particularly the forest chase, and some moments in the Jabba Palace scene. The problems continue with that Jabba scene that goes on for a bit too long that tonally seems off, and gurantees Boba Fett's place as the most curiously loved character of all time given his downright lame departure. Then there are the Ewoks which I've never hated, but they're not very good either. There is good in the film though. That being the entirety of Luke's final showdown with Vadar and the Emperor. That really does create a satisfying conclusion to Luke's own journey and that sequence is maybe my favorite in the whole trilogy. Unfortunately even with that the film jumps around to far less interesting elements. The film has greatness, but also a lot of mediocrity.

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Calvin Law said...

I must admit I kind of love Return of the Jedi. As you say all that Luke, Vader, Sidious stuff is great and personally I kind of love the other bits too. I've always liked the Ewoks. There, I said it.