Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Star Wars

Just plain Star Wars, later given the extra title of A New Hope, is the film the created something more than just a film but a phenomenon. Now I must admit I've never been caught into as a much as some, in that I've never loved the film, but I can see why others do. On a technical level it is undeniably impressive in not only creating such ground breaking special effects, which most still hold up today for the most part, but also the production and costume designs which are almost taken for granted yet created such an unique sci-fi world. The story is straight forward, but really in a good way as a young unassuming hero must find a way to take on an evil empire. It simply does work though in the part due to the aid of a few old pros in Peter Cushing, and Alec Guinness adding much needed gravitas, the iconic voice work of James Earl Jones, and Harrison Ford, for the first time, proving himself to be a one of a kind badass action hero. Now there is Carrie Fisher and her strange English accent in a few scenes, but hey she gets better in the sequel. Mark Hamill's work is also sometimes criticized for being whiny, but it works for the maturation of his character throughout the trilogy. It's really a good film, I should not complain about it so I won't. It works, not for me as much as others, but it still works.

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