Friday, June 3, 2016

Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love seems like quite the odd switcheroo as he goes from his two risky endeavors of Boogie Nights and especially Magnolia to, an Adam Sandler romantic comedy? I suppose that in itself is a risk for someone trying to make a good film given that is infrequently the description used for films starring Sandler. Now in terms of Anderson his visual panache is evident as ever, but the intent of the film seems to be to be a successful romantic comedy. That isn't quite so simple, though that is the focus, in that Anderson uses this opportunity for more than that. Adam Sandler's performance has been described as against type, but it is anything but. Sandler's character keeps two of his most defining features, he's somewhat off-beat, and is quick to extreme outbursts of anger. Anderson decides to breakdown the typical Sandler type, and examine what would create such a man, and how such a man would really be like in a more realistic setting. It is fascinating to see Anderson unravel this all the while still succeeding in crafting an endearing romance, and an entertaining comedy, thanks in large part due to a Philip Seymour Hoffman as a villainous mattress salesman. It perhaps does not achieve the heights of his other films, but the end product still is one of a kind to the point that I'd love to see Anderson take on a few other "stock" film genres.

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Alex Marqués said...

Sometimes this is my favourite movie by him.