Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful attempts the impossible which is to make a romantic comedy set during the holocaust. This idea itself might be damning for some. For me the success of the film really comes down to the actor/director at the center of it all Roberto Benigni. This is not even his skill as a director. I will admit there are some effective moments on that point in his way of avoiding the horror, yet still instilling the horror of the situation. For example when the rounding up children for death or the old people it's something that just happens. The rest of the film though focuses squarely on Benigni work at the center of the film, and actually I can see how he won the Oscar. If you love the film, as the Academy did, you'd have to support his performance. Benigni carries the film whether you want him to or not. I'm afraid I'm on the not side of things. I just don't find him particularly funny or endearing, and it only compound things that his style is take it or leave it.  The film does not work for me because Benigni does not.

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