Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brokeback Mountain

Well now at least one can look at Brokeback Mountain just as film past the time of controversy, which blew up during that Oscar season despite previous best picture nominees Kiss of the Spider Woman, and The Hours which both dealt with homosexual relationships before that film. Anyway just looking straight at the film itself which is tragedy infused tearjerker about two men who work as shepherds who become romantically involved. The best element of the film I'd actually say are the two lead performances, and with even having said that this is far from my favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performance. The two of them are both good, but that's not all there is to the film. I wish I could say that's what makes the film so great, but I can't. After the initial titular mountain scenes the film follows both men as they go on their separate ways most of the time, only occasionally meeting back up again to see the two together. The rest of the time we see their unsatisfied lives which are simplistic and unremarkable. That perhaps is to show how special their time was together, but it does not make the scenes feel any less tedious. In the end it becomes an often muted and flat story, which I don't think was the intention.

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Giuseppe Fadda said...

Too bad, I really love this movie :(