Monday, November 7, 2016

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I

Ah the film that began the breaking of single novels into multiple films. Now this might have led to a very problematic trend I would not say that it is completely unwarranted here. It would have been best to just make a Lord of the Rings length finale, but as it stands the two films are warranted in that I would argue there is not filler material to be found. This film standing as the first of the series conclusion though does reveal a few problems one in faithfulness to the source and unfaithfulness. For example in terms of unfaithfulness the film completely ruins Peter Pettigrews's final act by reducing it to a joke. In terms of faithfulness the film ends on what should be the emotional devastation of the death of a character, this is somewhat diminished by that character having been reduced in the previous adaptations lessening the impact of his demise, having said all that this film does have much to offer. Again David Yates's direction is on point and is particularly effective in creating a real feeling of paranoia as our heroes seem as alone as ever. This film makes use of its additional time in the time in the woods, which is essential to the final bonding of the central three, as well in its animated sequence depicting the Deathly Hallows. My personal favorite moment is when the three infiltrate the Ministry of Magic with a downright brilliant performance by David O'Hara as Harry in disguise. This film shows the end result of a natural progression made by Yates to a darker film as the danger is more real than ever in this film. It might not be a wholly satisfying film on its own but it is a satisfying first half of one. 

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