Monday, November 7, 2016

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is an entry where the end begins, and the actual terror of our main villain becomes evident. The film itself is again well directed by David Yates though has a certain mix in terms of various elements. Now problems here simply comes in the child performances as the relationships advance but are hindered by a few things that prevent them from resonating as they truly should. One part is the adaptation which hinders the characters of Ron and Ginny. Both are underdeveloped due to Steve Kloves's fascination with Hermione, to the point that he takes all of Ron's good lines and gives them to her, and boils his character done to saying "bloody 'ell". The problem continues though as the proper pairs just don't quite have the chemistry unfortunately. Now this aspect of the story still is not terrible by any means. Where the film does excel is following Harry and Dumbledore as they try to quietly defeat Voldermort by deciphering the man's past. There is a real sense of urgency and power to these scenes as we and Harry see Dumbledore in a darker shade. The growing sense of dread is felt, and Voldermort comes to life most as a villain when we do not even see him. The film ends with a key moment to the series as a whole. In this adaptation it is a bit of a mixed bag. The moment itself has the impact it should but the aftermath seems rushed in order to keep the film's run time down. It's a shame as this is one point in the series where they would have earned taking their time a bit. It doesn't ruin the film, but it keeps it back all the same.

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