Thursday, November 10, 2016

You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice was the first last Sean Connery Bond film, an odd statement but true due to Connery retiring three times from the role before it permanently took. You Only Lives Twice has several of the earmarks of a lesser Bond. Connery isn't exactly giving it his all, the action set pieces are not all that spectacular, though not bad, and the majority of the film is going through the motions. The one part of the film that seems against this is our Blofeld played by the very talented Donald Pleasance, even though he's good, he's also barely in the film. It's a film that is easy enough to watch, but honestly the most memorable part of the film, outside of Pleasance, is the worst part of the film. That being the bizarre sequence where Bond goes undercover as a Japanese man through some terribly unconvincing makeup that apparently is just as unconvincing to the film's villains. 

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