Thursday, March 9, 2017

Breaking Bad Season 2

Breaking Bad season 2 has been called the slow season, although that seems almost like a joke given how the season opens. This is because we are technically given a season climax in the first few episodes, due to the writer's strike. Well that opening is quite the thrilling one to be sure where our "heroes" take down our first main villain in the effectively outrageous Tuco. The show though then phases into what I'd honestly call the fun season, though don't let that fool you. I call it the fun season though because here we get Walt and Jesse plunging head first into becoming drug kingpins, except this time they have no idea what they are doing besides making great crystal meth. The show is very entertaining this regard, particularly in the episode where we are introduced to Bob Odenkirk's scene stealing sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman. It isn't all fun and games though as the show still instill the fears of what drug dealing truly means in an effective fashion. Again though I love the way the show eases you into these moments showing the appeal before giving you the truth. The two major examples, which are connected directly, are found with Jesse's drug fueled relationship with an addict Jane which eventually goes too far, then later in a epic catastrophe that bluntly reveals the collateral damage of Jesse and Walt's actions. It is basically given that the leads are great once again, as is Dean Norris as Walt's law enforcement involved brother in law, and are so many of the players with such minor roles such as Mark Margolis's seemingly catatonic old man or Jonathan Banks's fixer. The show visually is always engaging yet never feels overblown. Although most importantly the series continues to captivate through its depiction of one man's decay, almost all the sides stories have something to offer whether it be a bit of humor or a bit heartbreak.

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