Thursday, March 9, 2017

Breaking Bad Season 3

Breaking Bad simply continues to enthrall as it turns its next chapter, which somehow always find a new place for our characters to open numerous possibilities. In this case we are given the reassessment period as Walter White, again Cranston still amazing, almost seems to settle to become an employee in the drug trade through a new connection, briefly introduced in season 2, of Gus Fring, brilliantly played by Giancarlo Esposito. It's not all so simple though since as Walt finds a comfortable place to make drugs, he loses such comforts as home as his wife finally confirms that he is hiding something. Despite the fallout of their actions this season again has perhaps a lighter tone in certain respects, and once again effectively so as though this is the reprieve before they go too deep. Again what I can say but the show continues to be entertaining, thrilling and engaging in just about every respect. It continues on though as it leads to violent turning points for the character whether it is with Hank suffering the fallout of Walt's actions, or Walter and Jesse taking desperate measures to save themselves. Again the progression of the series is sheer brilliance as it so naturally moves our characters forward in their arc while doing it in always such a compelling and enthralling fashion. Great scenes is merely the norm whether it is a tense confrontation in a junkyard, a faithful minute of waiting death, or a speech on "half-measures". Also I suppose I should note the episode of "Fly" the only filler episode in the whole series, is not the bad episode, the bad episode I referred to in season 1 is still yet to come. "Fly", though it doesn't accomplish anything, is just a fun breather with some great interactions between Jesse and Walt. The series once again does not miss in bringing you exactly what you want while carefully reinventing itself at the same time.

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