Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Gilda is a film noted for the breakout of Rita Hayworth, and it is notable for the rather provocative moments of her first appearance well being asked if she is "decent". The legacy is in Hayworth, and even more so more in terms of iconic imagery than truly a great performance. The rest of the film is a noir troubled by a lack of an engaging cast. Not that they are wholly bad, but their is no one there to really energize the proceedings past a rote noir. The characters, outside of Gilda, are incredibly forgettable and really again Gilda isn't in herself a great character as they avoid a true femme fatale unlike in Ava Gardner's breakout role in The Killers from the same year. There are certainly memorable moments in the film, the aforementioned one in particular, but overall it is not all the memorable as a film.

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