Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad Season 5 is split between two segements essentially being the reign and fall of King, though drug kingpin would be more accurate. The show, even after finding quite the climax in the faceoff between Walt and Gus finds new ground through Walt and Jesse seeming to finally become the drug lords of Albequreque while dealing with the fallout of their previous actions. Again the show fires the proverbial cylinders in terms of the acting, the directing, and the writing. It is remarkable as it continues to avoid a rut, and not only that brings some much needed energy somehow avoiding becoming overly dour while not being tone deaf either. There is fun to be had still particularly with the train heist set piece in the first half of the season. The major of theme that crime does pay, just not in the way you want it to, though is still prevalent as effectively tests all the major characters, even those who seemed almost blissfully unaware of the world until this point. Now this season does have the one bad episode of the series, the aptly titled "Rabid Dog", which halts the narrative with frankly a ponderous series of scenes. The episode though shows the strength of the series because it stands out since it shows just how well paced and compelling every other episode is. When Hank finds out some pivotal information he doesn't wait a season to confront Walt, he does it the very next episode. The show doesn't waste time yet it never feels rushed. It always find the right balance with plot progression, character growth, and those moments you describe as "cool" or "badass". The series in its climatic season continues the progression to leave on an incredible high note that is funny, entertaining, harrowing yet so satisfying in the end.


Calvin Law said...

Reading about this series makes me want to start watching it.

Alex Marqués said...

You should see it Calvin.