Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is the second film in Edgar Wright's thematic trilogy dubbed the cornetto trilogy. This film creating a parody of cop/action movies through the story of a city cop being sent to a small town where all is not as it seems. As with Shaun of the Dead in that surface look the film is a smashing success being consistently hilarious as it plays around with just about every trope and cliché it can fit a single film. Wright's signature style only grows and feels all the more fitting to the usual kinetic style of action films to begin with. Wright replicates that and seems to even master it and some of the humor is even found within a quick edit. Again though Hot Fuzz goes even further than expected. This is in part its horror elements where it alludes to the original Wicker man in the best of ways, but also again in the personal story. This one in regards to Nicholas Angel, whose personal story is a little lighter than Shaun, essentially Nick just needs to lighten up a bit, but still offers the film the right emotional connection through the central friendship between Nick and the hapless PC Danny. The cast is particularly strong here, as with Shaun Nick Frost and especially Simon Pegg excel in their roles. Pegg somehow making a surprisingly believable action hero. The film goes further with its all-star character actor cast including Jim Broadbent as seemingly such a nice police chief, fittingly Edward Woodward as determined city watchmen, and Timothy Dalton as the most obvious villain who ever lived. The film is brilliant from beginning to end as it both employs and subverts its clichés and references by the end to create one of the greatest comedies ever made.

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