Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is probably the greatest action film ever made, but the question there is of course why. Well in terms of a film it is fascinating example of a when a director gets to go back to their own property, with real enthusiasm, and finally perhaps to get the film they always wanted to make in terms of budget and the allowances of current technology. Although one can wax nostalgic for Road Warrior, Fury Road is the superior film, but then again it is superior than perhaps all films in its genre. Fury Road in a way is pure cinema and is such an accomplishment in that sense. Now I mean pure cinema in the way so many silent films are but also in terms of being a story told in a way only possible in film. Fury Road is even a film that would not be possible in say television as its pacing is part of its splendor. The film runs like a Swiss watch, in utter perfect timing as it is one of the best edited film well ever. Every sequence flows so naturally and fluidly, and they even flow naturally and fluidly from one to the next. There are no pitfalls or bumps. The set pieces are all daring in their own ways, thrilling in their grandeur, yet intense as they need to be. There are no missteps. Fury Road though has actually led some to claim there is no story, the same people who probably complain about films with too much exposition as well, but there is the exact story the film needs. The plot is technically simple but the world is expansive and vivid that it works within it. The development of this apocalypse takes predecessors of the originals yet is wholly original in itself in its development of the various factions and cultures present. Nothing is left just to be, everything has a story within that the film makes vivid through the important though minor details and its minimalistic yet meaningful dialogue. The film does not forgo character at any point. This includes the central leads who all have their own arcs crafted so beautifully and with such emotion even though they only ever flow along with the film. The side characters though are never dismissed as the film provides ample understanding to each, even side henchman are surprisingly vivid in their realization. The film shows what film itself is capable of, and is masterpiece of cinema.

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