Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun Of The Dead is Edgar Wright first theatrically released film and it is one of the best debuts of a director. The film at a cursory view seems simple enough a horror comedy and parody of zombie movies. Well in that limited basis it is a smashing success, a fairly rare thing in itself, as it is hilarious in it of itself but also is filled with enjoyable references that are just adding toppings of an already delicious sundae. The film though is more even than that cursory view. It is also quite the calling card for Wright's visual directions. Although the warm up could be seen in the series Spaced, Wright takes a major step forward as he utilizes so much film itself has to offer through the striking visual style with the kinetic editing style that always flows naturally within the narrative. Wright only ever amplifies with his style never diminishes or over saturates the film with it. If that was not enough he goes one step further with his writing that takes the film beyond merely an exceedingly entertaining parody through a surprisingly emotional personal story at its core. Throughout the zombie story it manages to tell a coming of maturity of the lead in a surprisingly heartfelt way that never feels forced but rather flows so naturally within all the blood and skin eating.

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